We are Two People Studio


A creative post-production studio specialized in 2D & 3D animation.

Founded by two imaginative fellas back in 2014, Two People Studio animates stories, bringing them to life and to all the screens around you.

On most days, we work in collaboration with brands, production companies, and advertising agencies.
On other days, we’re just racing each other in Mario Kart.


The Services


Character Development
Art Direction
Branding & Concepts
Styleframes Development
Set Design


2D Animation
Motion Graphics
3D Modelling & Animation
3D Realistic Visual Effects
3D Lighting & Texturing


Music Videos
Television Shows
Channel & Brand Identity
Social Media Video Content
GFX Packaging
Launch Gimmicks

TV Commercials
Web Commercials
Video Production
Explainer Videos
 Corporate Videos

The Team



Managing Director | Co-Founder

Artist, educator, businessman. Passion is what drives me, and my passion is in business these days – forming a great team, venturing into the vast unknown with my crew, and leading them to success. I enjoy building people as much as creating art.

On the personal level, I am a huge movie buff, to a point that I derive life lessons and my philosophies from movies. Favourite movie of all time? It’s got to be Back to the Future.

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” – George McFly


Creative Director | Co-Founder

 Art & design have always been my one true passion (food follows closely behind!) and I found my love in motion graphics during my years in MMU.

I enjoy working on styleframes while listening to groovy music (check out Majestic Casual!). I always like my work to seem happy and cheerful.

Having 10 years of experience in this industry and being the Creative Director of Two People Studio for 5 years now, I've come to realize that a good design or idea can happen when you least expect it — Let your creative brain juice flow wildly, then embrace the happy accidents that happen — Just like how I found my passion in motion graphics.




 Started off with a background in communication & media studies, sports merchandising and social media management, I tumbled into this animated world of storytelling one fine day. Talk about a fortunate stroke of serendipity.

The two favourite things in my life are #TheOfficeUS and gorillas. I do also enjoy a good glass of whiskey as smoky as a campfire. 🔥

A tip for daily survival and great longevity?
Eat more chillies and watch more animation! 🌶
Just kidding, but seriously though.


Art Director

 Few years ago, I joined forces with Two People Studio as its very first designer.

With a belief in having an open mind for all kinds of possibilities, I find joy and satisfaction in morphing ideas into animation and executing them to perfection.

Known for a guy with wild and outrageous ideas (as claimed by my co-workers), I grew up watching Crayon Shin-chan which plays a huge part in my daily dose of creativity and imagination.



Junior Motion Designer

 If you happen to bump into me on the street one day, chances are I’d have a film camera in one hand, a bottle of coke in another. On most days I play with my cat Lili and I love camping.

Why the gold fish, you ask? Because I’ve got the memory of a goldfish.

In all seriousness, my dream is to own a grocery store someday.


Junior Motion Designer

 Being a huge fan of movies and books, I like my horizons expanded through the indulgence of watching and reading materials with dark themes. I believe in embracing them just as embracing our own darknesses, because it leads to creating something out of the ordinary.

I have a great love for motion. Osamu Dazai once said that love brings self-annihilation and it’s far from glory. However to my mind, when you have something this extraordinary in your life that you’re willing to devote your life for, isn’t it glorious?

So let us all stay hungry for improvements, because no excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.