Picture Interview: Nicole Xu


Nicole Xu is a motion designer originated from Fujian, China who is now based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. She was an intern at Two People Studio and cats are her favourite thing.


1. Draw your favourite person.


2. Visualize your favourite fruit in your favourite colour.


3. The words you live by.


4. If you had a pet monster and he's a rockstar, what would he look like?


5. The #1 place on your travel bucket list.


Welcome to Two People Studio


It had been a long time coming (3 years to be exact), Two People Studio's website has now landed on your doorsteps!
Um we mean, your screens.

So to kickstart the very first blogpost on the site, here's a glimpse of what went behind the scenes in preparation for the website launch.

Our Art Director Rong whipped up a concept for our studio shoot, whimsically inspired by Wes Anderson.

A huge, ginormous thank you to Eddy from Retro & Vintage for the quaint space!

Behind The Scenes

We definitely had our fair share of fun on set, and thanks to Lichen for the group photography!

Our little helper of the day

Our little helper of the day

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