Family Kitchen With Sherson

"Let's Get Cookin'!"

Sherson Lian teams up with his mom, Ann, to share their favourite family dishes. The dynamic duo puts Ann's traditional recipes and Sherson's modern touch in the mix, blending them to culinary perfection.

Check out the face-tracking filters (very much inspired by Snapchat!) that we whipped up for the show's teaser on Instagram.

Don't miss their deliciously intimate moments on the Asian Food Channel!

The peeps Behind

Client Asian Food Channel
Production House Trifecta Collective
Art Direction Rong
3D Modelling & Animation Rong // Matthew Phan // Sheranne Liew
3D Compositing Matthew Phan // Sheranne Liew

Drop The Deets

Project Title Family Kitchen with Sherson
Project Category Social Media Teaser for Cooking Show
Platform Instagram