Planet Acne



Leave it to the OXY Heroes to save the day, by day we mean your skin boo-boos.

We worked with the wonderful pals at OXY once again to bring you this 3D action-packed series that will take you on a whole new pus-filled adventure.

Using the well-loved, squishy-adorable OXY mascots as the heart of the stories, we ventured into the world we created for OXY — a pus-infested planet, a race track covered with horrendous blackheads, and more!

To start the series with a bang, we transformed problematic skin into a pus-infested flamy planet that resembles Mars 🔥


Final Key Scenes

OXY_Planet_Gif 1
OXY_Planet_Gif 2


Planet Acne Storyboard.jpg

Concept Art

Girl Character

OXY_Planet_Girl 1
OXY_Planet_Girl 3
OXY_Planet_Girl 2

OXY Mascots

OXY_Planet_Mascots 1

Expression/Personality Sheet

OXY_Planet_Mascots 2
OXY_Planet_Mascots 3

Planet Environment

OXY_Planet_Environment 1
OXY_Planet_Environment 2
OXY_Planet_Environment 3

3D Rendering

Girl Character

OXY_Planet_Girl 4
OXY_Planet_Girl 5
OXY_Planet_Girl 6
OXY_Planet_Girl 7


OXY_Planet_Mascots 4
OXY_Planet_Mascots 5
OXY_Planet_Mascots 6
OXY_Planet_Mascots 7

Planet Environment

OXY_Planet_Environment 4
OXY_Planet_Environment 5

The Peeps Behind

Rohto Mentholatum

Story Concept & Direction by
Two People Studio

Creative Director
Qiu Rong

Aster Tan

Concept Art
Rachel Ho

Elaine How

3D Modeling, Lighting & Texturing
Sky Ng

3D Character Rigging & Animation
Wu Bin Yow

2D Animation & Compositing
Qiu Rong

Sound Design
White Noise Studio