Tomato Boy

Papa John’s Pizza

All Tomato Boy has ever wanted is to be as beefed up as the other veggies, and so he decides to pump it up!

This is a 3-part series centered around Tomato Boy, Dough Master and Dairy Cow — who are the three megastars responsible for awesome pizzas.

Thanks to BBDO China, we got the opportunity to plunge into this wonderful world of Papa John's Pizza.


Character Design


Frame Development

Papa John's Tomato (Styleframe).jpg
Papa John's Tomato (Characters).jpg
PJ_TOMATOBOY(CHI)_HIRES 0930 (0-00-13-08).png

The Peeps Behind


2D Illustration Rong + Elaine + Sheranne
3D Modeling, Texturing & Lighting Sky
3D Animation Wu Bin
2D Compositing Rong

Sound Design White Noise Studio

Client Papa John’s Pizza
Agency BBDO China
Art Director Rong
Producer Aster