Huawei Connect 2019 — The New Open-Source Community


HUAWEI CONNECT is an open platform for working together and sharing experiences.

We worked with Huawei & Super Bonfire to bring the attendees of Huawei Connect 2019 an opening film introducing the upcoming open-source community within Huawei, following the rebirths of Devvy the developer & his buddies.



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The Peeps Behind

Client Huawei
Agency Uniplan Beijing
Commissioned by Super Bonfire Group
Executive Producers David Ran + Shukri Yusof
Producers Sam Chee + Radzi Atta + Charlotte Chong
Logistic Producer Crystal Gao
Script Development David Ran

Creative Director Kaism Lim
Art Director Rong
Lead Compositor Matthew
2D Illustration, Compositing & Animation Rong + Matthew + Soon
3D Animation Shafiqah Bay + Matthew + Soon + Sky

Music Editing Wu Shuai

Produced at Super Bonfire
Designed & Animated by Two People Studio