Coca-Cola Philippines

Imagine a #WorldWithoutWaste — A place on earth with no plastics junks all pilled up like mountains. Wonderful, isn't it?

Coca-Cola is making moves for sustainability, creating eco-bottle made from 100% recycled plastic!

Huge thanks to the awesome folks at Merdeka LHS for coming to us with something we could only dream of.

Churning out this animated short together was an absolute thrill!


The Peeps Behind

Client Coca-Cola Philippines
Agency Merdeka LHS
Chief Creative Officer Huang Ean Hwa
Art Director Tommy Chin
Copywriter Deborah Woong
Management Partner/Branding & Design Edmund Hon
Associate/Branding & Design Vinod Manoharan
Creative & Content Producer Rachel Lian

Designed by Two People Studio

Creative Director Rong
Animation Producer Aster

Illustration & Cel Animation Rong + Soon + Sheranne
2D Animation & Compositing Rong + Soon + Matthew
Coloring Soon + Sheranne + Elaine + Aster
3D Modeling & Animation Sky

Voiceover Denise Chan
Sound Design White Noise Studio